New Products For January

  • Bb Bugle -  48 cm 12cm bell gold laquer UP* view CAPETOWN

    Brass Body Clear Lacquer (gold) Talent bugles are recommended by our repairers for ther precisison and clear powerful sound

    Price R899

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  • BK microphone boom stand UP*Retials R499 now R399

    Microphone boom stand on base

    Price R399

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  • Ammoon USB true bypass loop module - multispeed (24h-48h SA delivery )

    RESTOCKING ARRIVING FEB 2022 -if you place a backorder pleasing only use the EFT checkout and do not make payment until we inform you of arri

    Price R1299

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  • Alto marimba Xylophone (2 week manufucture)

    (week waiting period for construcvtion required ENQUIRE HERE

    Price R3499

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  • Courante black soprano UP* Ukulele with extra string and pick

    Geared tuners for accurate tuning Star screw on tuners to keep tuners in place Pro Geared tuners hold the tuning (unlike cheaper pegs that slip) 12 [...]

    Price R499

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  • Courante violin outfit- antique stain 3/4 sizes (ages (9-11)  including setup and shoulder rest UP*

    3/4 size (ages (8/9-11)  Strong very resonant and pleasing timbre violin suitable for a beginner up to a about grad 5 music exams  with [...]

    Price R1149

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