New Products For April

  • Casio CTK2500 keyb UP*

    (see videos below

    Price R1899

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  • Sonata cello 44 size made by jinyin UP* (optional setup)

    We also offer a free optional setup of bridge and tuning the strings valued R200 if you are in capetown

    Price R5699

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  • Hohner 3 piece descant recorder UP*

    Hohner - Recorders. Since 1857, HOHN

    Price R95

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  • [WPG60 (w ropes and mallet)]

    by: Wuhan

    * Wuhan Pure  Orch  UP*

    This type of large entirely hand hemmered  gong is the first choice of the world's leading symphonies. Its one-piece cast, hand hammered [...]

    Price R5499

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  • Snap Jack solderless Pedal Board Cable Kit * VIEW CAPE TOWN UP*

    Includes 10 magnetic angle tip male plugs (gold plated contacts /nyodymium MAGNET case) 10 cables ends )includes OCF conductor/grounding scr

    Price R650

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  • Pala soprano ukulele red with bag  UP*

    added padded bag value R199 at clearout price Geared tuners for accurate tuning Star screw on tuners to keep tuners in place Pro Geared tuners [...]

    Price R699

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